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Smith Coach Faces New Sexual Assault Charges Smith High School, already accused of carrying on sexual relationships with three students, is now facing new charges. Geoffrey Justin Gillette, 22, of Coventry, was arrested Friday night at the Mansfield Drive In Movie Theater and charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault. Further details of the alleged crimes were not available late Saturday. Smith in January, 2013, was a teaching assistant and an assistant coach for the girls track team. Smith Coach Charged With Sexually Assaulting Students KELLY GLISTA State police began an investigation after DeLoreto reported rumors that Gillette had had sexual intercourse with female students, according to court documents. Gillette told police that the sex was consensual. Court documents say the students were all 17 years old. Edition Advertising Real Estate Autos Jobs Work Shop Classifieds Autos Auto Deals Find A Job List A Job Jobs Work Real
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. Snodgrass of Santa Monica, Calif. "He was a
Wholesale NFL jerseys news junkie who loved to discuss and opine on current events." Sarah Neely, a classmate of Mr. Snodgrass’ at IU, works in Washington as an international development contractor. "Phil was a rare and special friend who always nudged me to be my best self, to keep reaching for my full potential," said Ms. Neely, who first became acquainted with Mr. Snodgrass in 2006. "Pursuing his Master of Law degree is a reflection of that same attitude applied to his own life. I might tell him what I was going through personally or professionally, and if he thought I could do more or do better, he would let me know," she said. "It takes a true friend to not only act caring, but to provide an honest outside perspective with a healthy dash of humor. That’s true caring. Phil was the type of person that you start calling a friend and you come to consider family," said Ms. Neely, who often lunched with Mr. Snodgrass at a favorite cafeteria in Washington
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